Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who and why?

I'd like to say something about me. So from today you can visit a page "About me & blog" at the top of the post window

I'm young musician from Poland and this blog is a place where I'm sharing my inspiration and art that deserves respect in my opinion. I'm into exploring the music and exploring the internet – this connection led me to start my own blog. "Deep web music" means stuff you can find here and is not often circuling on the radio or television. Tracks posted here don't have large amount of views on
"youtube" and the faces of their authors arent a common sight in the lens of the paparazzi's cameras and magazines cover, so I think you will find here something fresh, which expand your horizons.

As a young and unpopular artist I know how hard is to succeed. This blog is my way to help unknown artist – maybe they would gain few new fans? I'm doing it because I struggle with the same issue – building a fanbase – every day.

I hope you enjoy my taste and you won't regret spending time with "Deep Web Music"!

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