Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Wake up, wake up, wake up..."

Gnarls Barkley is American duo composed of producer Danger Mouse and rapper, singer Cee Lo Green. Single "Crazy" from their first album - "St. Elsewhere" is popular hit - radio stations play it often even nowadays. But there is a song hidden in shadow of "Crazy" succes. Unknow and underestimated track "Necromancer". Creepy lyrics and disturbing noises makes this song very original, unique.

I think, there are a lot of Danger Mouse and Cee Lo fans, who didn't hear this song.

Monday, April 23, 2012

"You make music"

Othello and Theory Hazit may be known from old crew Light Headed and colaboration with Ohmega Watts. Result of colaboration beetwen these two musicians is great EP "AM: Neja". "You make music" is single form this project. Producer of this track, Hir-0, made a awesome mixture of warm, soul samples and electric synthezators. I worship that kind of vibe. Chapeau bas!

You can find this Othello & Theory Hazit EP called "AM: Neja" on iTunes: here.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

La Canaille

Check out this multilanguage and multiracial colaboration (there is featuring rapper and musician Napoleon Maddox). What a beautiful combination of rappin' and guitars. Feel the vibe. "J'ai faim"! You can find more of La Canaille's music on their myspace: here. Enjoy!

Who and why?

I'd like to say something about me. So from today you can visit a page "About me & blog" at the top of the post window

I'm young musician from Poland and this blog is a place where I'm sharing my inspiration and art that deserves respect in my opinion. I'm into exploring the music and exploring the internet – this connection led me to start my own blog. "Deep web music" means stuff you can find here and is not often circuling on the radio or television. Tracks posted here don't have large amount of views on
"youtube" and the faces of their authors arent a common sight in the lens of the paparazzi's cameras and magazines cover, so I think you will find here something fresh, which expand your horizons.

As a young and unpopular artist I know how hard is to succeed. This blog is my way to help unknown artist – maybe they would gain few new fans? I'm doing it because I struggle with the same issue – building a fanbase – every day.

I hope you enjoy my taste and you won't regret spending time with "Deep Web Music"!

Living Legends.

Just a few words, because I must go to work. Check this out, I bet you haven't heard that:


Saturday, April 21, 2012

'I want to drive you through the night, down the hills.'

Maybe Kavinsky is in mainstream now (especially after great movie 'Driver', whose soundtrack is based on few his productions), but when I found out it, it wasn't as popular as nowadays. Very emotional 'unhuman' vocal in combination with hard, electric compositions, makes "Nightcall" one of my favorite essential/electro song.

The singing part of song are made by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (Daft Punk) and Lovefoxxxx (on hook).

You can grab some info about composer at wikipedia: here

Now, just let the power from your speakers flow.


Good music, good people.

 "Lavorama" is the 5th album of Ortega Cartel - polish hip-hop group from Montreal, Canada. They have fresh and sunny vibe based on warm soul samples, produced by Patr00 - member of Ortega Cartel. Matter of their verses is spontaneous, but deep and mature. Boys from Montreal cooperate with many musicians from Poland (O.S.T.R., Tede, Mielzky, Finker, Proceente) and from other countries (Goser, Puffy Coates, Jesse Maxwell) tacking beetwen continents. That's a proof, that "music known no boundaries".

Check the promo-video of "Lavorama". Made in Poland and Canada visualisation of tracks from 5th album of Ortega Cartel:


Friday, April 20, 2012


Hi good people.

This is a place, where you can find a great, but underestimated music. Music create with passion, but this passion isn't always correlate with fame and recognition. Music, that deserves surface. Music, that need you and your attention to reach it.

Visit this place every day and you won't regret spending time with 'Deep Web Music'.

In the first post I recommend an amazing singer from great britain: Lianne La Havas.